Why Men Cheat & Lie To The Woman They Love

Does YOUR man lie to you even though he says he loves you? According to relationship expert Michael Fiore he does.

Fiore (who’s appeared on the Rachael Ray show as well as countless radio shows and in many magazines) says even “good guys” lie to the woman they love each and every day and it’s not for the reasons she may think.

“So many women think the guys in their lives are either princes or jerks,” says Fiore, “but the truth is more frightening and more complicated than that.”

Mr. Fiore recently put together a controversial video in which he explains the REAL reason your husband or boyfriend lies to you . . . why he CHEATS on you . . . why he doesn’t communicate . . . and many of the other questions that drive you crazy about him and make it impossible to have the relationship you want.

“There’s one simple step to having the relationship of your dreams,” Mr. Fiore says “And that’s truly understanding the mind of your man.

To watch Mr. Fiore’s incredible video simply click on the video below. Due to the controversial nature of this video it may be taken down at any time. Watch now below.




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